Amanda Gilbert

This is a true testament to how amazing teachers impact lives and how our words mean so much. Amanda spent her life believing that she was stupid and would never become anything simply because someone important told her that while she was still in school. That mindset has followed her all these years later-until she walked through the doors of the Jones College Clarke County Center. It took one program, some positive speaking, and a little motivation to change her outlook on life, and more importantly, on herself.

Amanda Gilbert walked into the center with her niece, having no intentions of registering for class. After hearing Amanda’s story of dropping out of high school and failing at multiple attempts with other GED programs, she was encouraged by our staff to give it one more shot. Amanda signed up with the thought, “Why not? If I’m in the class, I can ensure my niece is coming, and what do I have to lose?” Her high intake scores landed her a spot in the MIBEST program, and we watched Amanda grow in confidence as she completed the Adult Ed program in only one month. Amanda graduated in July 2021 and went on to receive an Academic Distinction Scholarship for her ACT score of 25. She became an official Jones Bobcat in August and began working towards her AAS in Business Office Technology. Amanda is currently finishing up the first half of her degree and is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Amanda currently has a 4.0GPA. Right now, she is undecided on what she will do once she receives her degree as “being a member of the Honor Society has presented some opportunities that she never thought possible.” She remains humble through her experiences and accomplishments as she continues to surpass all expectations.

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