Gloria Milanes

I sent my citizenship application in May 2020, then I heard about the English Zoom classes offered by Hinds Community College. I immediately registered because improving my English was one of my goals. I must say that although there are many channels on YouTube with lessons and questions about citizenship, having taken English classes from Hinds was of great help to me. I felt more confident.

The citizenship interview is not only based on civic questions, reading, and writing, but they want to make sure that you understand English, and I have achieved that through these classes. In addition to the fact that the vocabulary words learned from the Burlington English program are very vast and very helpful. Our teacher is very patient and demanding when it comes to pronunciation. In the end, she is there for a better result when it comes to communicating and making ourselves understood.

I had my citizenship appointment on July 2022, successfully passing my interview despite the nerves that are always against me. I can say that I achieved my Citizenship thanks to the ESL classes at Hinds!”

Ervin Briggs

Ervin Briggs was born January 4, 1951, in the small town of Slaten, Mississippi, located in Marshall County. Growing up in a family of ten children, he was the second oldest of five sisters and four brothers.  At an early age, Mr. Briggs’s parents separated.  He was left with being the sole provider for his mom and siblings.  He and his family suffered tremendous financial and emotional hardships.  The pressure of school and work became too much for Ervin, and he dropped out of school in the seventh grade to work different jobs.  During his teenage years, he worked at a local cafeteria.

For most of his adult years, Mr. Briggs worked with Bryce Corporation and eventually retired from Bryce.   He has been married to Joyce Smith-Briggs for thirty years.   What inspired him to get his HSE was the day his wife received her high school diploma.  He made a vow that he would work toward achieving his academic goals.  Mr. Briggs stated that he had been an adult education student for many years, but he never gave up on his dream of earning his diploma.

Today, Mr. Ervin Briggs is a graduate of the Northwest Mississippi Community College Adult Education Program, and he plans to attend NWCC to get his HVAC certification.  Hats off to Ervin Briggs for a job well done!

Lee’Darrion McDougle

Lee’Darrion McDougle made his decision to join the military in a round-about way. He finished high school with a certificate of attendance, and he found a job soon after at Southern Hens. He decided quickly that wasn’t the path for him and moved on to a job at Howard Industries where some of his co-workers discussed their plans with him about joining the Army.

“They talked about benefits like the military paying for college, teaching you a trade, and letting you travel the world. That sounded like a good path for me, too!” he said.

Those guys were interested in the Army, one of McDougle’s old high school teachers had been in the Air Force, and he spoke with a former Navy sailor after he decided the military was the right route for him, but he ultimately decided that the Marines was the branch he would like to join. “The Marines take a lot of pride in being a Marine. Plus, I like the feeling they promote of being a family,” said McDougle.

The next step Lee’Darrion took to accomplish this goal that he had set for himself was to check in with his old high school counselor to ask her where to begin. He sought out a Marine recruiter online, and his counselor let him know that he had to have a high school diploma or GED to join the military. That is when she directed him to the Wayne County location of the Jones College Adult Education program.

There, he was able to participate in the Out of School Youth program, which allowed him to receive soft skills training through a Smart Start class. That program also helped him to get a job at the Samaritan’s Closet while he was working on his High School Equivalency. Lee’Darrion first thought it would be a quick, one to two-month process to get his GED, but he remained in the program a little over a year. “I don’t mind the hard work. I like a challenge, and this program really made me push myself. I think it has helped prepare me to take on the challenge of joining the military!” said McDougle.

Things moved quickly once Lee’Darrion got the news he had passed the final portion of the HISET exam on March 1. He contacted his recruiter and attended a two-day event at a Military Entrance Processing Station. There he completed the ASVAB, underwent a physical, submitted paperwork, and was sworn in. He also got his ship date for basic training, which was originally set for April but was bumped up to March 14th at Lee’Darrion’s request.

When asked about his plans for the future, McDougle said there were a lot of options to consider. “I’m not sure if I will make a career out of the military or just serve my four years. I’m interested in possibly becoming an entrepreneur or taking advantage of the military offering to pay for my college!”

All in all, Lee’Darrion feels like the Jones College Adult Education program has been very beneficial to him, and he is thankful for all of the support that was shown to him by the staff. Whether it was Ms. Curly and Ms. Courtney smiling and speaking to him in the mornings, Mr. Reed helping him get the job at the Samaritan’s Closet, or Ms. Carla teaching him how to write an essay to pass the HSE, he said they were all “encouraging and helpful.”

To other people who might find themselves in Lee’Darrion’s shoes, he said, “If you really want it, you’ll have it. Keep pushing. Pray that God will help you, and if that’s what He wants you to do—you’ve got no choice but to do it. It’ll pay off. It paid off for me!”

We at the Jones Adult Education program are wishing Lee’Darrion luck as he leaves for Parris Island, SC on Monday, March 14. We cannot wait to celebrate even more success with you as you embark on your future as a Marine!

Amanda Gilbert

This is a true testament to how amazing teachers impact lives and how our words mean so much. Amanda spent her life believing that she was stupid and would never become anything simply because someone important told her that while she was still in school. That mindset has followed her all these years later-until she walked through the doors of the Jones College Clarke County Center. It took one program, some positive speaking, and a little motivation to change her outlook on life, and more importantly, on herself.

Amanda Gilbert walked into the center with her niece, having no intentions of registering for class. After hearing Amanda’s story of dropping out of high school and failing at multiple attempts with other GED programs, she was encouraged by our staff to give it one more shot. Amanda signed up with the thought, “Why not? If I’m in the class, I can ensure my niece is coming, and what do I have to lose?” Her high intake scores landed her a spot in the MIBEST program, and we watched Amanda grow in confidence as she completed the Adult Ed program in only one month. Amanda graduated in July 2021 and went on to receive an Academic Distinction Scholarship for her ACT score of 25. She became an official Jones Bobcat in August and began working towards her AAS in Business Office Technology. Amanda is currently finishing up the first half of her degree and is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Amanda currently has a 4.0GPA. Right now, she is undecided on what she will do once she receives her degree as “being a member of the Honor Society has presented some opportunities that she never thought possible.” She remains humble through her experiences and accomplishments as she continues to surpass all expectations.

Dekarr Clayton

Dekarr Clayton was an extraordinary student! She did her absolute best in all of her work. I loved how she took the time out of her day to excel in her studies by completing homework assignments. Even throughout this COVID 19 Pandemic, she attended the online Zoom classes to prepare for her final test section. It has been a pleasure to have her as a student. She has confronted numerous challenging difficulties during her time in the Coahoma Community College Adult Basic Education class. However, she overcame every obstacle. She has persistently been a top-notch pupil regardless of what she faces. Her character exemplifies strength, leadership, and determination. She has effectively post-tested in the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) and advanced two grade levels. She obtained her High School Equivalency Diploma in July 2021. Since then, Dekarr has been promoted on her job. She plans on attending the Coahoma Community College Nursing Program. I am so proud of her success and wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Instructor: Lawanda Clay

Shanice Gardner

Shanice started attending our in-person classes at Northwest. On the first day of class, they did a getting to know you introduction. One of the things she shared with the class was that she works two jobs, has two children and has a dog. Although she enjoyed going into the classroom, it started to get overwhelming because she had to wake up earlier to take her children to school before going to class. One day, her instructor encouraged her to enroll in eDULT.

She was enrolled in Reading and Science. Shanice stated, “online learning is totally different than in-person learning” and was frustrated in the beginning. The lack of help at home added new challenges, but she said, “I didn’t come this far to quit, and quitting is not an option”. She was still determined to not like it and wanted to go back to in-person learning.  Shanice decided to give it a chance and began to focus. Soon after, she found herself eager to go to lunch to complete her assignments while she was at work. One of her favorite things about eDULT was getting actual grades like you would in a real classroom. That made Shanice want to do her best and get good grades. Now, Shanice has completed her high school equivalency!

Felicia Younger

The first time Felicia took the Math portion of the HiSET, she was below passing by one point and ended up scoring below passing 5 times prior to enrolling in eDULT. The staff at Hinds would not let her give up. After the first class meeting, Felicia said, “I’m not the only one who struggles with math. There are many people across the state who have the same issue as I do.” That was the motivation she needed to persevere. Felicia completed the program, increased her TABE score by 46 points, and earned an MSG. She also was able to pass the math portion and earn her HSE. Now Felicia is enrolled in Welding.

eDult Program Success Story

eDULT Online has proven to be very beneficial to our students.  Most of our students who participated achieved an educational functioning level gain or passed one or more parts of the official test. It’s great to have an online option available for students who work full-time jobs or have other obligations that prevent them from attending classes in person.  I have enjoyed working with Courtney and Eboni to ensure our students’ educational needs are met.  I am excited about the future of eDULT.  It allows us to help all students reach their educational goals in a convenient manner.

EMMC Adult Education Department Hosts Roundtable Discussion

EMCC Adult Education department hosted a roundtable discussion in August at The Communiversity. Panel members included Adult Education students and staff, along with representatives from our Workforce and Community Services division (Shannon Collier), Mississippi University for Women (Aaron Brooks), Paccar Engines (Tara Cunningham), and Columbus Light & Water Department (Dr. Angela Verdell). Discussion topics included interviewing strategies, employer expectations for potential employees, and tips on creating a resume.

Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia dropped out of high school in the tenth grade. One year later, Jose decided he needed his High School Equivalency (HSE) to find decent employment, so he enrolled in the adult education program at EMCC. Jose later became a part of the MIBEST program, allowing him to simultaneously work on his HSE, prepare for the ACT, and enroll in the postsecondary Welding Technology program. After completing his AAS degree, Jose now works as a pipeline welder earning a family-sustaining wage.
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