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On Working Remotely

Instructional Specialist at MCCB, Courtney Casabella speaks on working remotely and the benefits of online education.


The Importance of Community Partnerships

Adult education programs provide students with essential workplace experience and training. But although these programs are effective, they can be strengthened and improved through community partnerships. 

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Perfect Storm

I don’t think anyone aspires to be a high school dropout.

Often, when I listen to stories of others’ trials and tribulations, there is a moment in time, a perfect storm of events, which caused life to veer off course.


Adult Education on Demand: Introducing the Skill UP Mississippi Podcast

New podcast to focus on highlighting the impact of Adult Education for Mississippi residents Authored By: Bronwyn Robertson, Program Specialist for Workforce & Employer Engagement at the Mississippi Community College Board One of my dearest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. As she learned more about this disease, she wanted to create […]

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Learning How To Teach Distance Learning

Hartman says the COVID-19 pandemic taught him how to be flexible and adaptable in the new virtual environment to meet the various needs of his students. However, one of the most important lessons he has learned is that educators have a responsibility to continue to learn and adapt to a digital learning environment.

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Find Something New:
Tools to help you discover a new career

Trying to find a rewarding career is often a long and difficult process. You can join people across the country who are gaining new skills and securing life-changing careers.

RSS Latitudes – Mississippi Apprenticeship Program

  • The Benefits of Hiring Qualified Veterans
    Recently, our nation celebrated Independence Day, which highlighted the many sacrifices veterans have made in their duty to protect the nation. July also features National Hire A Veteran Day, which is a holiday celebrated on July 25th that is dedicated to supporting veterans who are seeking employment. In celebration of our nation’s independence, and in […]
  • On Registered Apprenticeships: An Interview with Tyra Harrien
    Tyra Harrien, MAP’s Administrative Assistant at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC), speaks on the importance, value, and benefits of her work. Harrien also gives useful tips to employees and employers that are looking to utilize the many advantages offered by registered apprenticeship (RA) programs.  “I am the MAP administrative assistant so I do […]
  • Welcome to the team: Antoine
    Antoine Dixon, one of MAP’s newest team members, is excited for his role at The Mississippi Apprenticeship Program. Dixon will serve as MAP’s State Apprenticeship Expansion Specialist, and will work to improve Mississippi’s workforce by promoting and increasing the number of Registered Apprenticeship programs across the state.  “My role within the Mississippi Apprenticeship Program,” Dixon […]
  • Economic Empowerment, Apprenticeships, and The Minority Male Leadership Initiative (M2M)
    Now more than ever, it is important to be competitive in the workplace. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on unemployment, job loss, and diminished income for thousands of communities across the nation. But for African American communities, these financial consequences have been especially dire and have created additional barriers for young men to secure steady […]
  • Why Registered Apprenticeship Programs Are the Key to Boosting Employment
    As COVID-19 cases decrease, and businesses across the country re-open, it’s important to know how to encourage, guide, and retain new employees. This is especially relevant considering that federal pandemic-related unemployment benefits end this month for many Mississippians.  People that are currently unemployed may be looking for new career paths once these benefits end, and […]
  • On Work-Based Learning: An Interview with Work-Based Learning Program Supervisor, Carol Ballard
    From resource shortages to high unemployment rates, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a myriad of adversities to the state of Mississippi. Now more than ever, communities need ways to train and prepare their youth for the workforce, which is why work-based learning and apprenticeship programs are essential to improving and developing the state’s economy. Organizations […]
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