Shanice Gardner

Shanice started attending our in-person classes at Northwest. On the first day of class, they did a getting to know you introduction. One of the things she shared with the class was that she works two jobs, has two children and has a dog. Although she enjoyed going into the classroom, it started to get overwhelming because she had to wake up earlier to take her children to school before going to class. One day, her instructor encouraged her to enroll in eDULT.

She was enrolled in Reading and Science. Shanice stated, “online learning is totally different than in-person learning” and was frustrated in the beginning. The lack of help at home added new challenges, but she said, “I didn’t come this far to quit, and quitting is not an option”. She was still determined to not like it and wanted to go back to in-person learning.  Shanice decided to give it a chance and began to focus. Soon after, she found herself eager to go to lunch to complete her assignments while she was at work. One of her favorite things about eDULT was getting actual grades like you would in a real classroom. That made Shanice want to do her best and get good grades. Now, Shanice has completed her high school equivalency!

Felicia Younger

The first time Felicia took the Math portion of the HiSET, she was below passing by one point and ended up scoring below passing 5 times prior to enrolling in eDULT. The staff at Hinds would not let her give up. After the first class meeting, Felicia said, “I’m not the only one who struggles with math. There are many people across the state who have the same issue as I do.” That was the motivation she needed to persevere. Felicia completed the program, increased her TABE score by 46 points, and earned an MSG. She also was able to pass the math portion and earn her HSE. Now Felicia is enrolled in Welding.

eDult Program Success Story

eDULT Online has proven to be very beneficial to our students.  Most of our students who participated achieved an educational functioning level gain or passed one or more parts of the official test. It’s great to have an online option available for students who work full-time jobs or have other obligations that prevent them from attending classes in person.  I have enjoyed working with Courtney and Eboni to ensure our students’ educational needs are met.  I am excited about the future of eDULT.  It allows us to help all students reach their educational goals in a convenient manner.

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