Ervin Briggs

Ervin Briggs was born January 4, 1951, in the small town of Slaten, Mississippi, located in Marshall County. Growing up in a family of ten children, he was the second oldest of five sisters and four brothers.  At an early age, Mr. Briggs’s parents separated.  He was left with being the sole provider for his mom and siblings.  He and his family suffered tremendous financial and emotional hardships.  The pressure of school and work became too much for Ervin, and he dropped out of school in the seventh grade to work different jobs.  During his teenage years, he worked at a local cafeteria.

For most of his adult years, Mr. Briggs worked with Bryce Corporation and eventually retired from Bryce.   He has been married to Joyce Smith-Briggs for thirty years.   What inspired him to get his HSE was the day his wife received her high school diploma.  He made a vow that he would work toward achieving his academic goals.  Mr. Briggs stated that he had been an adult education student for many years, but he never gave up on his dream of earning his diploma.

Today, Mr. Ervin Briggs is a graduate of the Northwest Mississippi Community College Adult Education Program, and he plans to attend NWCC to get his HVAC certification.  Hats off to Ervin Briggs for a job well done!

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