Gloria Milanes

I sent my citizenship application in May 2020, then I heard about the English Zoom classes offered by Hinds Community College. I immediately registered because improving my English was one of my goals. I must say that although there are many channels on YouTube with lessons and questions about citizenship, having taken English classes from Hinds was of great help to me. I felt more confident.

The citizenship interview is not only based on civic questions, reading, and writing, but they want to make sure that you understand English, and I have achieved that through these classes. In addition to the fact that the vocabulary words learned from the Burlington English program are very vast and very helpful. Our teacher is very patient and demanding when it comes to pronunciation. In the end, she is there for a better result when it comes to communicating and making ourselves understood.

I had my citizenship appointment on July 2022, successfully passing my interview despite the nerves that are always against me. I can say that I achieved my Citizenship thanks to the ESL classes at Hinds!”

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