Request Transcripts and Diplomas

All requests for originals or copies of HSE Diplomas and Transcripts, as well as verification of completion of a HSE Diploma are completed through DiplomaSender at This includes verification for third‐party agencies such as employers and verification agencies. Adult education programs may not provide scores or verification for employers or other agencies (including schools).  No HSE Diplomas or Transcripts can be provided by the Mississippi HSE office.

Diploma Sender 
Phone: 855-313-5799 
Address: PO Box 722050, Norman, OK 73069

Step 1 – Visit and click Create New Account (Students only) 

You will use your First/Last name, Date of Birth, and unique ID number assigned to you by the test provider to register. If you’re unsure of your ID number see the guide below for help. 

Step 2 – Once registered, click the Promotional Offer link on the right-hand side of your student home page and then follow through the ordering process.

Information about your ID number

  • GED ID- 16 digit ID beginning with the year you tested. i.e. 2016xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  • HiSET ID- 8 character ID number containing letters and numbers. i.e. ABC12345 

GED® – 
HiSET® – 

Delivery Options 

Official documents may be ordered via fax, e-mail, through the US Postal Service or, for an additional fee, you may overnight through UPS. If ordered electronically the record is sent within a few minutes of completing a successful order. Documents sent through the US Postal Service will take approximately 2-7 business days to arrive. Overnight documents arrive next business day as long as the order was placed before 3p.m. CST Monday-Friday. UPS Delivery may not be available in all states.

Payment Options 

  1. The initial/original certificate* is free
  2. The initial/original transcript is free
  3. The fee for a replacement certificate* is $20.00
  4. The fee for a replacement transcript is $20.00
  5. Shipping fees are charged to the test taker when UPS delivers the document.
  6. There are no other / additional fees

DiplomaSender will accept cashier’s checks/money orders as well as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards as payment.

Corrections & Probations Verifications 

All in‐ and out‐of‐state corrections facilities (for federal corrections see below) & probation offices can get verification of a HSE diploma for inmates or those on probation at no cost from Diploma Sender. This is for verification only. Ordering a copy of the diploma or transcript still requires payment.

Requests from corrections facilities & probation offices to get verification of a HSE Diploma are to be sent the Correctional Facility Verification document from Diploma Sender, which includes a process for signing up as a third party to access information on Diploma Sender and verify consent of the tester to release the verification to the corrections facility or probation office. Diploma Sender can provide support for these requests and for setting up this process by contacting

Federal Corrections

Testers who took the HiSET exams in a federal corrections facility (in any state) can obtain their HSE documents through Diploma Sender.


Testers who took the HiSET Test at military testing centers can obtain their HSE documents through DANTES (Defense Activity for Non‐Traditional Education Support).

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