Zaily Robinson

Zaily Robinson with Dog

Zaily Robinson has a new outlook for her future, now that she has completed her High School Equivalency Diploma (HSE) at Meridian Community College (MCC). Soon after completing the HSE, she enrolled in the health care program at Meridian Community College (MCC).

Zaily did not always picture herself entering the healthcare field. When she left school early during her senior year at Newton County High School, she thought about joining the military. “I was having trouble in school,” Zaily remembers. “Math was my problem.” 

She learned about the High School Equivalency Program at MCC from her mother, who also completed the program. She says her mother inspired her to enroll in the program. 

For Zaily, the individual attention she received in the adult education program at MCC was the difference-maker. “They understand more of where you’ve been,” she says. “They take time for you, and they are going to try their best to understand you and get you through it.”

Zaily says Rhonda Smith, the adult education transition specialist at MCC, was like another mother. She says Rhonda not only supported her through the program but also told her about a grant that would cover her degree’s cost. 

Now, Zaily is considering pursuing a nursing degree and maybe even a radiology career after finishing her degree at MCC. She credits her new career goals to the support and guidance she received in the adult education program. 

“You can’t build on anything until you have a foundation, and the [High School Equivalency Diploma] is the foundation,” Zaily says. “It’s prepared me for success in every aspect of my life.”

To learn more about the adult education program at Meridian Community College, visit their website.

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